RED Innovation

RED constantly innovates, bringing added value, improved efficiency and simplifying workflow for customers.
Drawing on our extensive knowledge of the semiconductor industry we invest in developing our own improvements, for example, to semiconductor equipment and parts:

Energy Reduction Module (ERM): enables you to use ~ 50% less energy



This energy module can be installed in any Dry Pump Model.

Benefits of the ERM :
• Reduce power consumption by 40% - 50%
• Significantly reduce pump body temperature
• N2 Ballast can be minimized due to pump body temperature reduction
• Reduce pumping down time
• Increase pump life time
• Improve chamber pressure
• No negative impact on chamber pressure
• Pump silencing function is included
• Maintenance free
• Low COO
• Compact and easy to install (only takes 10 min, 1 person). ERM can be installed even when dry pump is running.

Patent for several regions (Korea, Taiwan, USA, Singapore, Japan, Europe etc)