RED Equipment now ISO 9001:2008 certified

RED Equipment now ISO 9001:2008 certified for refurbishment, relocation and trading of used semiconductor equipment.

RED Equipment provides full turnkey solutions for the global secondary semiconductor market including equipment, parts and services. 
Improving and refining the processes in the company in order to provide best quality to customers is part of RED Equipment corporate culture. The RED Equipment unique, full turnkey project model necessitates strict adherence to quality control and management best practices. 
Being ISO 9001:2008 certified gives our customers added assurance that RED follows the principles of quality management. Documented processes guide the company and employees refer to the written instructions to guide their daily activities. Conformity to process and the associated documentation ensures consistent and predictable outcomes. Monitoring mechanisms measure how well an action is performed and raises a flag when the output stands outside of expectations. Quality continuously improves as processes are revised and fine-tuned. 

"The certification process gave us the opportunity to benchmark RED methodology in comparison with other, known industry best practices," said RED Equipment CEO Shimon Dahan. "We have upgraded a number of aspects to insure that all interfaces are of best benefit to our customers and uphold the standards we demand of ourselves. We see this as a key parameter to drive continuous sustainable growth for our business.

The ISO 9001:2008 certification provides further validation of the quality of RED methodology and speaks to our clients of the commitment we have made to serve them successfully.”

ISO 9001:2008, the international quality standard accepted by the majority of the world, speaks to all quality-related activities in an organization and highlights meeting customer needs.

RED Equipment: Providing customers with OEM quality without the OEM prices