Equipment Services

In addition to RED’s extensive catalogue of equipment and parts, RED provides equipment services (detailed below).

RED Equipment Services can be provided for most semiconductor manufacturing equipment. RED’s engineering and project management team, supported by our partner network of specialized service providers, enables us to provide first class service at drastically reduced costs.

RED Equipment Services:

RED engineers are fully equipped and qualified to de-install tools in your fab.

RED can relocate your tools, moving them to another location within your fab, move them to another location or to a different customer.

Refurbishment is done at a RED location including upgrades and tool reconfiguration. RED adheres to customer specs and industry standards

RED engineers install equipment, retaining on site management until turnover to the customer. Turnover is considered final when the customer confirms adherence to customer specs and acceptance documents.

RED guarantees the equipment / tool installed works properly during the warranty period – when necessary supplying labor and tools to ensure working order, according to customer acceptance documents. High level escalation is available per need.


Please contact us for more infomation on any of the above services.